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I love to draw anything I feel like or see. I also love to write. I write short stories, books, poems, and my dreams. I hope to go to Fort Hays for collage to either double major or major and minor. My friends sometimes don't understand me and I laugh at them because they are missing out. Music is my life, I can't hardly do anything without it. So if I'm not listening to my i-pod or you tube, I am listening to a song that is stuck in my head.

Favourite genre of music: Alternative
Favourite style of art: hard to choose one
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Favourite cartoon character: Charlie Brown and the Peanuts
Personal Quote: "All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream" - Edgar Allen Poe


Just a little something before the actual story:
This is my OC for if I/a character of mine was a YouTuber
Chanel Name: WolfStarRunning
Nickname goes by: Wolf/Wolfie

Life hadn’t been easy for her, well, easier than most.  However, she had always struggled with depression, starting when she was in middle school.  She had never told her family or friends about it, too scared for what might happen if she did.  Her mother was already a diagnosed depression patient and she didn’t want anything to spark up because she was feeling the same things.  She had turned to YouTube to get her mind off of the darkness that was in her mind, and found it had been something she was really looking for.  With her channel growing with each year, WolfStarRunning had gotten a couple million subs already.  She was nowhere near her close friends she had grown to know over the years, Mark and Jack who had channels as well.  However, she was glad that she had what she did.  Her friends and her ‘pack’ as she called the fanbase, were what was helping her through the pain.

When she found out about her two best friends’ dark sides, she didn’t know what to think.  More so because both were so caring and nice, one wouldn’t think they of all people would have such parts of themselves… almost as if they were dark evil alter egos… then again, she couldn’t blame them.  She knew sometimes the mind created such things to protect the more kind and innocent side from the pain and troubles of life.  She didn’t know just how they could be though, never truly being in person with them when in such a state.  However, she soon found out.

They had all gathered at her small house she had bought out on the coast.  They were celebrating her hitting four million subscribers, Jack had even flown over for the celebration.  It was getting late and most of the guests had gone already.  Jack, Mark and herself were left, cleaning up the last bit of stuff that was left laying about.

She stood in the kitchen, washing some dishes humming quietly to herself.  The boys she had waved off to go play her Xbox or computer while she finished up the last few dishes.  Knowing them, they were playing either a rage game or one of the spooky games she had.  She didn’t mind it, though when the house seemed to get quite, she got a bit curious.  They had tried to scare her before a couple times, though she didn’t give too much reaction.  With it being so silent, she rolled her eyes thinking they were trying again.

Drying the last plate and her hands, she sighed and headed out to the living room.  “Guys, come on… if you’re trying to scare me again, har har, good try.”  She laughed a little as she called out to the empty space, neither Jack nor Mark were sitting on the couch.  Looks like they had been playing a scary game afterall.. One she hadn’t even been able to finish from how frightened it had made her.

She stared at the paused screen as she looked at the game’s monster, mid jumpscare.  She had memorized that screen by now surely, though it seemed off, or it could have just been her imagination… probably just her imagination.

“Scary ain’t it, Wolfie Wolf?”  Mark’s deep voice came from behind her, sounding slightly darker and deeper than normal.

“POTATO!”  Wolfie jumped slightly, yelling sadly the first word that popped in her mind which she happened to do often.  She turned around to see Mark standing there, the light glaring off of his glasses.  Jack stood in the far side of the room, leaning against the wall, his head turned away.  She put a hand over her now racing heart and sighed heavily with a soft laugh.  “Geeze, warn a girl next time!”

Mark smirked slightly, Jack letting off a short dark laugh in the background.  Jack turned to look at her and she noticed his eyes were darker, the green of his eyes almost luminescent.  “Why do that when scaring you is so much fun?”

“He’s right, it’s the best really.”  Mark stepped a bit closer.  The glare on his glasses disappeared to reveal dark red and black eyes.  She had seen those looks before, mostly fan art she’d looked up once or twice online… she just didn’t think they were real.  Who would right?

Backing up a bit, Wolf wasn’t sure if this was a prank or not.  If it was, damn it was a good one.  “Mark… Jack, did you really go and get contacts to scare me?  That’s going a little far don’t you think?”  She asked, not really sure what to think but she was hoping the worst wasn’t what was happening.

Both of her friends laughed darkly at her as they continued to get closer slowly.  “Would you prefer if we had?  You’re a smart girl, this isn’t a joke dear Wolfie, we’re real, this… is real.”  Mark spoke again, reaching a hand out to you.  “Now, be a good little pet and come play.”

Wolf gulped softly, this was not what she was expecting to do tonight.  She just wanted to sit in and play some games, maybe watch a movie… not be forced to face her friends’ demons, she had enough of her own to deal with daily.  

“It’ll be fun, like a game.”  Jack spoke in the back, now right next to Mark as they inched their way towards her.  Each step they took forward though she took back.  She wasn’t sure what they were going to do… but she had a feeling she didn’t want to find out.  If they were as dark as the fan made lore made it seem… she wouldn’t be surviving the night.

“Just… s-stay back okay?  This isn’t funny or fun, you two are better than this!”  She tried reasoning with them, for maybe… just maybe she can get them back to normal?  It was probably a long shot but she had to try something, these weren’t her friends before her, they were much darker.

The duo laughed again, getting closer as she ended up backed in a corner.  “Don’t think so, but nice try.”  Jack giggled darkly, staring at her with a dark grin that matched Mark’s.

They kept coming closer, though Wolf wasn’t sure what to do.  She had nothing to fight them off with, and running would only get her caught since they were getting closer and closer.  She wasn’t going to get out of this… not unless she did one thing she really wasn’t looking forward to doing.  Taking in a deep breath though, she sucked up her anxiety and looked at them, her face turned calm and passive.  She was going to have to do it… it was the only way.

“Fine… if it’s the dark you want to play with, we’ll have ourselves a ball.”  She smirked slightly, catching them a bit by surprise.  Wolf slowly blinked, her eyes growing into orbs of black, the faintest of her normal color in the center.  Both Dark and AntiJack backed up surprised.  They hadn’t known of a dark side of her before.  “Didn’t I tell you?... Everyone fears the Big, Bad… Wolf.”  She smirked, laughing as she felt the darkness taking over.  They weren’t the only ones with a dark side, and now, they knew she had one too.

We All Have a Dark Side: DarkiplierxOCxAnticeptice
So, this is a oneshot type thing XD 
I came up with the idea after listening to something on YouTube... imagine that! lolz

If enough want it, I may rewrite it a bit and upload a version as a reader insert.  I would have made it this time, however, I had the idea with a picture of my OC so I wanted to get it down with that first.  Hope ya'll like it!
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OKAY so.. I have come into a block in writing D: SO SORRY!  So there will be a break on it!
Again, sorry!

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